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Alterations in lipid metabolism during the metamorphosis of landlocked sea lamprey. Kao, YH, JH Youson, JA Holmes and MA Sheridan

Powering migration: metabolic adaptability in American shad. Leonard, JBK and SD McCormick

Thermal preference of smolting spring and fall chinook salmon. Sauter, ST

Branchial serotonergic vasoconstriction in the eel: involvement of nitric oxide synthase. Janvier, JJ, D Pellegrino and B Tota

Orientation and Sensory Systems

Mechanisms of homing migration in salmonids Ueda, H, M Kaeriyama and K Yamauchi

Life history transitions in diadromous fishes: otolith microchemistry applications in migration studies. Radtke, RL

Influence of bacterial kidney disease on smoltification in juvenile salmonids: is it a case of double jeopardy? Mesa, MG

The condition, performance and behavior of Snake River juvenile salmonids within the Corps of Engineers transportation program. Davis, LE, CB Schreck and JL Congleton

Recovery from burst exercise in salmonids: preparing for a successful migration. Moyes, CD and B Battersby

Smoltification and stress indices in wild and hatchery smolts of spring/summer chinook salmon sampled at Snake River dams. Congleton, JL and CB Schreck

Evaluating energy use and risk of energy depletion in up-river migrating sockeye salmon. Hinch, SG and PS Rand

Growth and Reproduction

Growth-promoting actions of environmental salinity and 17_-methyltestosterone in the euryhaline tilapia: examining the role of endogenous hormones as mediators. Shepherd, BS, B Ron, A Burch, NH Richman, SK Shimoda, CH Lim, MH Stetson and EG Grau

The relationships between timing of first feeding, genetic heterozygosity and subsequent life history strategy in Atlantic salmon. McCarthy, I, JA Sanchez, G Blanco and D Houlihan

Carotenoid pigments as a means for differentiating eggs and offspring of anadromous and non-anadromous trout. Noack, PT, HA McLay, LR Noble and LM Laird

Environmental atrazine: physiological effects on Atlantic salmon smolts in fresh water and after seawater exposure. Waring, CP and A Moore

Does the excitatory amino acid n-methyl-D,L-aspartate (NMA) mediate growth hormone’s role in salmonid reproduction. Holloway, AC and JF Leatherland


Effect of bacterial kidney disease on saltwater adaptation in coho salmon smolts. Moles, A

The ontogeny of osmotic tolerances in American shad. Zydlewski, J and SD McCormick

Osmoregulatory physiology of adult river lampreys. Rankin, JC

Osmoregulatory, respiratory and acid-base balance adjustments in whitefish transferred from fresh water to seawater. Madsen, SS, FB Jensen and BK Larsen

Osmoregulatory effects of GH, IGF-I, IGP-II and insulin in the euryhaline teleost Fundulus heteroclitus . Mancera, JM and SD McCormick

Effect of seawater entry date on 24-hr plasma sodium concentration and survival of juvenile spring chinook salmon reared in marine net-pens. Thrower, F, R Martin and R Heintz

Photoperiod effects on endocrine pathways controlling juvenile development in chinook salmon TSH, thyroid hormones and IGF-1. Larsen, DA, BR Beckman, WW Dickhoff and B Lee-Pawlak

Seasonal differences in cortisol dynamics in upper and lower mode Atlantic salmon. Shrimpton, JM and SD McCormick

Seawater acclimation in the anadromous striped bass: strategy and hormonal regulation. Madsen, SS, RS Nishioka and H Bern

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Evidence for temperature-related loss of smolt characteristics in Atlantic salmon. McCormick, SD

More recruitment for less money: survival and cost analysis for three size classes of striped bass stocked at fresh and brackish sites in a southeastern US estuary. Van Den Avyle, MJ and J Wallin