Introduction (PDF Format)

Gamete Quality and Cryopreservation

Use of flow cytometry and molecular probes to assess sperm quality prior to cryopreservation. Cloud, JG and CA Kersten

Collection, storage and cryopreservation of sperm from endangered razorback suckers. Figiel, CR, T Tiersch, W Wayman, O Gorman, J Williamson and G Carmichael

Sex Differentiation, Sex Control and Chromosome Set Manipulation

Regulation of estrogen receptor gene activity in channel catfish: relation to timing of gonadal sex differentiation, chromosomal sex constitution and exogenous steroid treatment. Patino, R, X Zhengfang and KB Davis

Growth and body composition of sibling male and female channel catfish with the XY sex genotype. Davis, KB, BA Simco and CA Goudie

Sex-linkage of isocitrate dehydrogenase and genetic linkage of mannose phosphate isomerase and glucosephosphate isomerase in ictalurid catfish. Liu, Q, CA Goudie, BA Simco and KB Davis

Masculinization of nile Tilapia by short-term immersion in methyldihydrotestosterone. Gale, WL, MS Fitzpatrick and CB Schreck

Sex reversal in mud loach by immersion.Nam, YK, JY Jo, CG Kim and DS Kim

The influence of triploidy and heat and hydrostatic pressure shocks on the growth and reproductive development of perch reared to adult size under selected environmental conditions. Malison, JA, JA Held, MAR Garcia-Abiado and LS Procarione

Production of all-female diploid and triploid olive flounder.Jeong, CH and DS Kim

Reproduction and Growth

The secretion of gonadotropin and growth hormone in the bagrid catfish with different reproductive stages. Lin, HR, DS Wang and HJT Goos

Transgenic Fish

Characterization of a transgenic tilapia line with accelerated growth. Guillen, I, et al.

Stock and Species Identification

Use of multi-locus DNA fingerprinting for strain identification in channel catfish. Bosworth, BG and WR Wolters

Characterization of channel catfish populations using microsatellite loci. Waldbieser, GC and BG Bosworth

Utility of ribosomal DMA ITS2 for deriving shark species-diagnostic identification markers. Shivji, M, C Tagliaro, L Natanson, N Kohler, SO Rogers and M Stanhope

Phylogenetic analysis of haplochromine cichlid taxa utilizing heteroduplex techniques. Duan, W, GC Booton, L Kaufman and PA Fuerst

Use of DNA microsatellite loci to identify populations and species of Lake Victoria haplochromine cichlids. Wu, L, GC Booton, L Kaufman, M Chandler and P Fuerst

Population and stock characterization of Lake Victoria tilapine fishes based on RAPD markers. Mwanja, W, GC Booton, L Kaufman, M Chandler and P Fuerst

Identification of the protein pattern in the resulting hybrid and the pure parental strain of Oreochromis species using IEF. Zaki, MI, M El-Gharabawy and SG Ghabrial

Gene-centromere recombination rates of allozyme loci in even-and odd-year pink salmon. Matsuoka, MP, AJ Gharrett, RL Wilmot, PA Crandell and WW Smoker

Using mitochondrial and nuclear DNA to separate hatchery and wild stocks of rainbow trout. Nielsen, J

Molecular Biology

Molecular structure of a novel type of rhodopsin gene of the common carp. Tsai, HJ, J Lim and JL Chong

Protection against Renibacterium salmoninarum infection by DNA-based immunization. Gomez-Chiarri, M, LL Brown and RP Levine

In situ demonstration of type I-III intermediate filament expression in the common carp. Groff, JM, DK Naydan, JG Zinkl and BI Osburn

Major histocompatibility complex class I genes in rainbow trout. Dixon, B, KE Magor, BP Shum and P Parham