Introduction (PDF Format)

Overviews of Contaminant Effects

Current challenges in contaminant effects monitoring: multiple stressors and ecological significance. Adams, SM and KD Ham

Diagnostic indicators for aquatic monitoring and assessment programs in the United States: physiology and biochemistry. Folmar, L

Approaches to understanding sublethal effects of contaminants to larval fishes. Heath, AG

New Approaches in Effects Monitoring

Increased CYP1A1 and ribosomal protein L5 gene expression: the response of juvenile chinook salmon to coal dust exposure. Campbell, PM and RH Devlin

Contaminant effects on stress protein 70 expression in rainbow trout liver. Vijayan, MM, C Pereira and GK Iwama

Effects of exogenous ammonia on brain monoamine transmitter levels in fathead minnows. Ronan, PJ, MP Gaikowski, JM Matter, SJ Hamilton, KJ Buhl and CH Summers

Induced reactivation of inhibited acetylcholinesterase: application for fish physiology and toxicity studies. Pavlov, DF

Use of the nitroblue tetrazolium assay to determine the effects of contaminants on brown bullhead. Stasiak, SA

The effects of chronic pulp mill effluent exposure on phagocyte function in juvenile chinook salmon. Pegg, JR, GK Iwama and G Kruzynski

Investigations of the effects of environmental contamination and pathogens on immunological and hematological parameters in Pacific herring and rainbow trout. Sanders, SM, AP Farrell, RM Kocan and CJ Kennedy

Reproductive Effects

Study of reproduction biomarkers in Columbia River fish species. Foster, EP, MS Fitzpatrick, GW Feist and CB Schreck

Developmental histology of gonadal sex differentiation in the fathead minnow. Uguz, C and R Patino

Pathology and Condition Assessment

Specific and non-specific actions of stressors in fish: effects of a low hierarchical position on branchial structure. Wendelaar Bonga, S and L Jie

Using quantitative ultrastructure to measure the effects of contaminants on the fish gill. Mallatt, J

Teleost epidermal morphological plasticity: a potential indicator of environmental quality? Burton, D

Effects on Early Life History

The use of early life stages to detect the effects of contaminants, a nutritional deficiency, egg overripening and handling stress. Fitzsimons, JD

Field and laboratory evidence for reduced fitness in pink salmon that incubate in oiled gravel. Heintz, R, S Rice and B Bue

Sub-lethal effects of North Sea oil platform produced water on the early life stages of turbot. Stephens, SM, JA Brown and MA Ferguson

Specific Effects of Metals

Physiological and weight changes of wild brown trout inhabiting waters with acutely toxic cadmium and zinc concentrations: an in situ study. Woodling, JD

Metal pollution and stress responses in Colorado brown trout: correlations with measurements of acute and chronic stress. Norris, DO, J Woodling, S Felt, S Donahue, N Clark, E Larson, T Maldonado and R Dores

Performance capacity and behavior of rainbow trout subjected to sub-lethal lead concentrations. Caldwell, CC, V Burden, MB Sandheinrich and KA Phillips

The effects of sublethal concentrations of lead on delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity and haematological parameters in the Javanese carp. Patimah, I and S Alias

Sublethal effects of copper and cadmium in Oreochromis mossambicus juveniles growth: RNA/DNA ratio. Figueroa, L, M Lemus, MI Segnini de B and KS Chung

Toxic effect of heavy metals on the immunocompetent cells of fish. Balabanova, LV

Optimization and use of immunocompetency assays for the detection of copper toxicity in rainbow trout. Dethloff, G and HC Bailey

Bioavailability of methyl mercury in the presence of dissolved organic carbon. Choi, MH, JJ Cech, Jr, and MC Lagunas-Solar

Specific Effects of Other (Non-Metal) Contaminants

Stress response of juvenile largemouth bass exposed to sublethal levels of five commonly used aquatic herbicides. D’Silva, E, J Winter and R Patino

Tissue distribution of an organochlorine in Arctic charr in relation to body lipids and seasonal migration. Jorgensen, EH

Ignalina nuclear power plant effluents impact on fish. Astrauskas, A, E Bernotas and T Didrika