Introduction (PDF Format)

Gut Morphology and Digestion

Digestive enzymes as an indicator of feeding ecology of wild fish. Kuz’mina, VV

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The effect of live food, artificial and mixed diet on the survival, growth and digestive enzyme activities of Clarias gariepinus larvae. Kamarudin, MS, HA Bakar and CR Saad

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Structure and function of the intestinal epithelium in freshwater teleosts with different types of feeding. Kuperman, BI and VV Kuz’mina

Effect of pH, temperature and some pollutants on fish digestive enzymes in nature and experiments. Kuz’mina, VV and IL Golovanova

Diet and digestive efficiency of zebraperch, an herbivorous fish of Southern California marine waters. Sturm, EA and MH Horn

Modeling and Methodology

Inferring ecological relationships from the edges of scatter diagrams: a comparison of least squares and quanile regression techniques. Scharf, FS, F Juanes, and M Sutherland

Seasonal daily ration estimates of walleye pollock in the Eastern Bering Sea from a bioenergetics model. Buckley, TW and PA Livingston

On the growth of the Mediterranean hake from the Santa Pola Bay, Spain. Garcia-Rodriguez, M and A Esteban

Sample size and data analysis: are we characterizing and comparing diet properly? Ferry, LA and GM Cailliet

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Spatial patterns of salmon prey, feeding and growth in the northeast Pacific Ocean. Rand, PS and SG Hinch

Feeding Ecology

Non-indigenous species cause major shifts in the food-base of estuarine-dependent fishes. Castillo, GC, TW Miller,JW Chapman and HW Li

Differential survival of chinook salmon released into two adjacent but dissimilar fjords. MacKinlay, DD

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A diet of pike in Lake Peipsi (Estonia). Kangur P

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Growth studies on rabbitfish in the Arabian Gulf near Dammam, Saudia Arabia. Wassef, EA and HA Abdulhady


Large eyes as indicators of reduced growth. Paulsen, H

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