Introduction (PDF Format)

Environmental Tolerances

Physiological tolerances of juvenile robust redhorse: conservation and management implications. Walsh, SJ, DC Haney, CM Timmerman and TL Yanchis

Environmental tolerance of splittail: implication for management of an estuarine species in a highly altered aquatic system. Young, PS and JJ Cech, Jr

Thermal preference, tolerance and growth of the white sucker. Harvey, HH, AMV Tufescu, and MJ Redlich

Physiological Responses: Sublethal Environmental Conditions

The effects of elevated rearing temperatures and genetics on trout bioenergetics. Myrick, CA and JJ Cech, Jr

High temperature causes the thornfishes deformed in the thermal plume of the second nuclear power plant along northern coast of Taiwan. Shao, KT, DF Hwang and YH Lin

Seasonal variation in larval stage duration, growth and otolith microstructure of six intertidal sculpins. Blizard, R

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Effects of nitrogenous wastes on juvenile summer flounder reared at different temperatures and salinities. Klein-MacPhee, G, M O’Connor, S MacLean and R Wolke

Swimming studies on an estuarine fish: are performance indices the best tool to develop flow management criteria? Swanson, C, PS Young and JJ Cech, Jr

Exogenous and endogenous photosensitizers and the optical properties of piscine skin. Rosiu, CJ and B Vittemberga

Comparative swimming performances of California stream fishes. Myrick, CA and JJ Cech, Jr

Coho salmon swimming: physiological effects. Cech, JJ, Jr, M McEnroe and DJ Randall

Physiological Responses: Stress

Cortisol-induced changes in oxygen consumption and ionic regulation in coastal cutthroat trout parr. Morgan, JD and GK Iwama

Physiological stress in cultured striped bass: quantifying effects of routine handling and stocking procedures. Hendrickx, E, JL Shelton and MJ Van Den Avyle

Effects of early handling on the development of the corticosteroid stress response in rainbow trout. Barry, TP, JJ Parrish, and JA Malison

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Physiological responses of striped bass to angling: effects of playing time and supplemtal feeding. Tomaso, AO, CA Ridley JR Tomasso and JJ Isely

Physiological stress responses of rainbow trout and bull trout to electroshock. Barton, BA and WP Dwyer

Physiological responses of rainbow trout to different types of stressors. Vosyliene, MZ and NE Lebedeva

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Effects of social stress in rainbow trout at different socking densities. Petrauskiene, L

Immune response of common carp under stress. Mayo, SCL

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Effects of adjuvanated Aeromonas salmonicida vaccines on selected physiological and immunological variables in juvenile rainbow trout. Ackerman, PA and GK Iwama

A mass vaccination technique that provides good protection against vibriosis. MacKinlay, DD, DC Celli and MVD Johnson

Management and Culture Examples

Variations in the energetic condition of cod during the collapse of the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence stock. Lambert, Y and JD Dutil

Stocking density effect on weight gain in male Tilapia. Meng-umpan, KEvaluation of biofiltrations fields using redfish growth. Guevara, E