1994 – Vancouver, British Columbia

These 11 Symposia are published together as: High Performance Fish – Don MacKinlay (ed). 106 papers, 505 pages

Great Expectations for Practical Fish Biology – Don MacKinlay (ed)

Criteria for High Quality Water – Don MacKinlay and Narinder Nagpal (eds)

Water Quality Issues and Experiences – Don MacKinlay and Mike Nassichuk (eds)

Optimizing Smolt Performance – Don MacKinlay, Jim Duston and Dick Saunders (eds)

Performance Perspectives – Don MacKinlay, Joe Cech, Jr., Bill Neill and Carl Schreck (eds)

Biotechnology Applications – Don MacKinlay and Bob Devlin (eds)

New Feeds and Feeding Strategies – Don MacKinlay and Dave Higgs (eds)

Fish Stress in Culture and the Wild – Don MacKinlay and Bruce Barton (eds)

Fish Health Assessment – Don MacKinlay and Ron Goede (eds)

Metabolism and Physiology of High Performance Fish – Don MacKinlay, Peter Hochachka and Tony Farrell (eds)

Basic and Applied Reproductive Biology – Don MacKinlay, Renaldo Patino and Niall Bromage (eds)