A great job opportunity has come up with the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington. See details below!

Title: Research Scientist in fisheries science at University of Washington
Location: Seattle, WA
Posting Date: 15/01/2016 – Open until filled

The successful applicant will primarily be responsible for extracting fishery data from stock assessment reports and inputting these into the RAM Legacy Stock Assessment Database. Other work will involve contributing to the development of related databases, playing a role in database quality control, and possibly being involved in data analysis and preparation of peer-reviewed manuscripts. The successful applicant will work with Drs. Michael Melnychuk and Ray Hilborn. Applicants should be able to work independently with guidance, and should also work well with team members.

This is a multi-year, data-rich project with many possible research questions and projects that could stem from it. For the right candidate, if funding remains available there may be potential to transition into a graduate student role under Prof. Ray Hilborn.

– familiarity with stock assessment methods and terminology
– general knowledge of the science, management, and socioeconomics of marine fisheries
– strong proficiency with Excel
– excellent organizational skills and email communication skills

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