We seek a motivated individual to manage a large-scale fisheries genomics project. The incumbent will coordinate sampling and sequencing of several thousand arctic char, arctic cod, and northern shrimp for the purpose of defining and understanding stock populations. He/she will work with the PIs to establish analysis pipelines and support several graduate students who will further use these data for their own specific project goals. Prior project management and next-gen sequencing data analysis experience are a must.

Education requirements:

  • PhD in computational biology/bioinformatics OR statistics/computer science/math/engineering background with a firm grasp of genomics and genetics

Required background/experience:

  • published next-gen sequencing data analysis: familiarity with public alignment pipelines, SNV calling algorithms, common NGS manipulation tools and standardized NGS data formats (e.g. SAM/BAM, VCF) and genome assembly (e.g. ALLPATHS, SOAPdenovo)
  • competent programmer fluent in Unix/Linux, Perl or Python, and R or Matlab
  • computer cluster operation (e.g. PBS, LSF, Torque)
  • experience managing large datasets (Tbs)
  • managing personnel in the lab and mentoring students
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • excellent oral and written English communication skills
  • outstanding academic and professional track record, including presentations at international conferences and experience producing high quality published research

Additional desirable experience:

  • ddRAD-Seq
  • evolutionary ecology

Salary: $65,000 CDN plus benefits

Duration: 2 years


Department of Biology
Biosciences Complex
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Interested applicants should contact Stephen Lougheed (steve.lougheed@queensu.ca) directly. Please include 1) your CV that highlights the relevant skills, 2) a one-paragraph summary of your career goals and why you’d like to lead this effort, 3) names of three references and their contact information. Open until a suitable candidate is found.

Preferred start: January 2016.


Dr. Stephen C. Lougheed
Baillie Family Chair in Conservation Biology
Director, Queen’s University Biological Station
Professor, Biology & Environmental Studies
Queen’s University, Kingston ON Canada
K7L 3N6

URL: http://sclougheed.ca
email: steve.lougheed@queensu.ca