The Physiology Section of AFS is soliciting nominations for the position of Secretary/Treasurer. Self-nominations or nominations by third party are equally acceptable by the executive committee.

Position description: Duties associated with the Secretary/Treasurer position include, but are not limited to:

1) Keeping minutes at the Annual Business Meeting, and all meetings of the Officers and Executive Committee

2) Keeping track of membership numbers and dues paid

3) Maintaining a record of all financial transactions of the Section

4) Ensuring that all expenditures receive the appropriate approvals by the Officers

5) Ensuring that all income is received and accounted for in a timely and accurate manner

Term of office: The office of Secretary/Treasurer is a two-year with provision for a second two-year term upon unanimous approval by the other Officers. The term as Secretary/Treasurer will begin at the 11th International Congress on the Biology of Fishes which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, 3-7 August 2014.

Qualifications: The Secretary/Treasurer shall be a member of both the American Fisheries Society and the Physiology Section of AFS.

Deadline and contact information: The deadline for nominations to be received is March 1, 2014. Nominations or additional inquiries regarding the position can be sent via email to Mark Shrimpton at: